Vehicle Maintenance in Killeen, Texas

Vehicle Maintenance in Killeen, Texas

Take care of needed repairs before they cause serious damage

Have you been ignoring your check engine light? While it may seem like just a nuisance, it usually indicates a problem you should take care of right away.

Turn to Robinson's Automotive today to get an engine diagnosis from a master mechanic.

Watch out for these signs of malfunction

You should bring your car into the shop for a checkup if your car has logged over 100,000 miles or you've driven 5,000 miles since your last scheduled maintenance.

Your car might have a major problem if you notice:

  • Your steering wheel shaking-indicating a brake or wheel bearing issue.
  • Your car tilts to one side-which usually indicates a suspension problem.
  • Your car won't accelerate when you press the gas-a potential transmission issue.
  • Smoke is coming from under the hood-a sign your car is overheating.
  • Strange engine noises-which could be caused by a wide range of problems.

Make an appointment for a thorough diagnosis now by calling 254-526-2088.